Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Busy Busy, Busy!

Well, my new stamps arrived - Penny Black (of course) T-transparent cat ones - Purrfect Day!

Unfortunately, I have not had time to play, as in a mad moment, I decided to have a clear up/out of my crafty area!
Its still in progress!
Have also (sadly some would think - my family do) - decided to catalogue everything in the move around - OMG its amazing how much I have, and the stroking of paper has delayed the tidy up - I have some beautiful things! The ones I have, lets say, matured of ,are going to another home where I am sure they will be used and appreciated more than I have!

So its chaos here at the moment but I am sure it will be beneficial to my crafty mojo!

On another note, after spending my short lived crafting life dissing fairies I have suddenly developed a taste for them and have made a few cards - my family are in a state of shock - they have had to hear my expletive deletives on fairies every time they appeared on either TV or in a magazine! Oh well we all grow and change!


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