Monday, 26 April 2010

A Crafty Individual Indeed.............!

Its been a while - I've been has thrown some unexpected events at me and mine!
On a crafty note I have just spent the weekend in the company of Jean Hardy of Crafty Individuals, her business partner Malcolm and 10 other crafty ladies!
What a brill time! Very relaxed pace, great food and wonderful company.
On the Saturday we made a framed display box and on the Sunday we made this - not sure what to call it!
I loved looking at everyone elses' creations - we all had a different take on the tasks. Very inspiring!
(confession - I have a new stash of stamps to play with ;-) )
Saturday was such a beautiful day and we spent the evening in a local pubs' beer garden in Yarm - ahhhhh the bliss of the English Sun!

On another note the Crochet is coming along - I have decided to make a blanket  - I figured it  would give me the experience I need to feel comfortable with all things crochet!

It goes everywhere with me - that's the great thing about it!  I have had some funny looks though LOL.
Its slowly coming along and I picked the brightest colour of yarn I could find! My son says "it'll take you years Mum to finish that!! ".  Lets hope he's wrong!

Keep well everyone

PS if you are the ********* that stole our car off our drive then I hope you ******** in hell!
(apologies to the innocent - but I needed to get that off my chest!)


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