Saturday, 4 July 2009


Its good to be home - well it was when we pulled into the drive!

Opening the door came the sudden realization that those "wonderful" cats of ours had managed to trash the place in our absence!
No - we didn't abandon them, we did have someone come in to feed, clean and play with them, but as cats do they had totally taken advantage of the no "parents" around situation!

So Marigolds on its taken me a good few hours to clean the place and I had to listen to their constant mutterings - probably saying "that'll teach you to leave us for a week..."!
Still love 'emm though!

We had a restful week in Scotland, staying in a luxury lodge - didn't cook once!

On the way back home we called into Graphicus who are having an open day today and yesterday - Paul fell asleep in the car while I rummaged, watch loads demos and then spent £XXX on stamps! ;-)

An enjoyable day!


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