Sunday, 11 April 2010

On A Quest!

I’m on a mission – a personal one!

I’m exercising the left handside of my brain by learning new tricks!!

Well, that's what I’m telling myself!  Some (most) people think I’m crazy – but then I won't go into how they spend their spare time…………

Yesterday I booked onto a workshop to learn how to crochet at Baa Ram Ewe in Leeds. Now this is a beautiful shop and I was amazed at all the creations people had made, both on display in the shop and those brought in by my fellow learners!  If you’re ever in the area check it out – or book onto one of their workshops!

I have to say I really am a total novice and after a very slow start (I have to admit I nearly gave up) and a very patient teacher (thanks Sarah) I now “get it!”

Can’t say its perfect, tension is my enemy now but I’m sure that will come with practice.  My fingers have been well exercised and I am very manually dexterous by nature of my work!

My first attempts were so “tight” – we were supposed to be making coasters – mine is for a sherry glass! Others made what I can only describe as blankets – I wanted to be that loose!!!


After lunch at the noodle bar next door (bottomless boxes btw!) we started on granny squares! I didn't hold out much hope but by jolly  - I got it!!  It was slow, I kept having to check back at the stitch instructions but hey – I made it! 

A Happy Hooker indeed!

Today I’ve had a go at  crocheted flowers – ummmmmmm, well they aren't very even – but I read a pattern and had a stab at it, realising that the Americans use slightly different names for their stitches!!!  The joy of the internet!

So, I now need more yarn – we used Rowans hand knit cotton – it really is a lovely yarn but I need more colours – so whoops – shopping is called for! OH sighs once more!

Next quest – perfect the knitting!     And then the sewing!   And then the……………well we’ll see!

Happy Crafting everyone!



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