Saturday, 26 June 2010

First Crocheted Bag, Part 1!

I have been kept craft busy this week crocheting a bag!
I was having a little look around the wool shop near to work, Top Wools, and saw this wonderful wool - Rico Creative Poems, its 100% wool and its simply gorgeous! Its an absolute pleasure to use and the main part of the bag hooked up so quickly!

Its taken me a little while longer to do the flower and bobbles!  I am still a novice after all

The pattern is in Rowans Crochet Workshop book  
which I highly recommend - better than any other crochet book I have - its all in there! If you wanna have a go at this addictive craft then get this book!

Anyhow, back to me bag!  Since its 100% wool I'm felting it - another first! As I write, its in the washing machine with teenagers' jeans - hope it comes out OK...........crossing fingers!

Until later!


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