Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Mission........ (and WOYWW)

........should I choose to accept it, is to clear my wall of all the things I have started, the things I have just had a go at, the things I have loved to play with and  then been at a loss as to what to do with!
Some of these items have been here a good long while, its time to dust them off and use 'em up!
I started my wall because I found that if I put stuff  in a drawer I forgot about it  - it transpires putting them on the wall amounts to the same - not that you can forget something you see everyday - ignore, perhaps!
This was the wall before......

Surprisingly I have managed to make oodles of cards out of all the images I have painstakingly coloured and a vase of paper flowers from several that I have made over the past year :-)

The black and white bag on my desk is a much loved Christmas pressie from my dear teenage son - I love it! 

Oh, and of course the cat (Marius) - well hes my cat - is with me - he follows me everywhere, its like having a dog!
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Until later


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