Tuesday, 5 January 2010


So, at 06.10 I grumpily arose from my bed, looked out of the window and was surprised to see the same scene that left me the previous evening! None of this forecast snow storm!

So, of to shower,dress and breakfast (you should note here that I don't do mornings….).

Imagine my surprise – no, horror, shock - whatever you like to call it - when I go to step out to work – a blizzard, 4 inches of snow and – guess what?  I’m going nowhere!


Teenage son was his usual arrogant “I know best” self and strode off to get the bus to college – completely ignoring his Mothers calls, telling him the buses are not running, the college is closed……………at 08:44 he texts me – “no bus has come, what do I do”?!!!!!  Oh to be young again!!!


We are still in “campaign” to get this road gritted from the previous snow falls – even the salt bin, that the council removed several years ago would be welcomed back by all!

The current reason why we cant have it back – our road is too steep to get the bin here and to get the gritter down! YES – its too steep to get anywhere, we are all fully aware of this! – its a fairly new estate – who approved the plans????

OK rant over, have had to accept that we are not going anywhere at the moment and am just enjoying the serenity of it all!

Hope everyone is safe and warm!

Here’s to getting back to some sort of normality!



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