Monday, 16 November 2009

After the retreat!

I had such a fantastic weekend at Graphicus' first ever Paradise retreat. I learnt loads, met lots of wonderful people, worked hard - oh and I have never ate so well and so much!
I managed to finish zero projects and have a  hoard of pieces to finish - but I dont mind - thats how I usually work at things anyway.  I am looking forward to finishing them and will post piccies as I go.

One of our first projects underway........

..........our lovely "messy" table.......
The Graphicus team were amazing, they put so much into the weekend and it showed, a big THANK YOU to them.
After the retreat ended a large group of us headed towards the shop (sorry about the trip around the countryside Lou - satnav took us an interesting route!).  We were kids in a sweet shop! Heaven!

BTW, Glenda, is you ever read this, my cats thank you for the purple/lilac paper carrier bag  - they have had hours of fun - its still in one piece but probably won't last the week!

Contended, but tired


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