Sunday, 11 July 2010

Knitting! Crochet! Papercraft!

Just wanted to share this wonderful yarn I've found.

Its Patons Batik and comes in some wonderful summery colours, there is even a pattern on the ball band for a summery scarf!
So, out came the knitting needles - I haven't done this for 20+ years and after a few false starts I'm on my way!!
Not quite like riding a bike - but got there in the end!

I bought the yarn from Knit and Sew and I have to say it is great service, ordered Tuesday, arrived Wednesday!
Mind you they also have this incredibly great for value yarn on their site - £1.51/100g ball - I bought several! And this wonderful box bag to carry my projects around in.

I just love the colours and may just have to use them in my next project - I have a huge list of things I'm gonna make - but I have several things on the go at once and have told myself I need to finish these first!

So I will be kept busy this week -
I have tassels to put on one scarf, 
a bag to line, 
another bag to complete the crochet work for, 
the scarf to finish knitting and 
a flower scarf to finish 
- oh and a Dragon to complete!

He needs 1 arm , 2 feet and 3 more spines for his tail!!!  Its a bit of a personal joke for someone at work!


That's a lot!
And there is a special boy who has a birthday this month - so one card to make - trouble is the craft bunker is soooooooo hot at the mo................carry on crocheting/knitting in the cooler parts of the house!

Enjoy the weather people



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