Monday, 7 June 2010

Been on me Jollies!.......

Oh yes!
Have been on a very relaxing, peaceful jolly in the Kingdom of Fife! Bliss! We stayed here - beautiful building - huge, with a 3mile hike to the bathroom!!!!!! But then we are used to an en-suite! Lazy b*****s!
Other-half played golf, golf and more golf, in between taxiing me around to various shops and a very enjoyable workshop with Sheena Douglass in Perth on Bank Holiday Monday! (interesting note here - in Scotland, a bank holiday is just that - only the banks shut!)
Here's some of the things we made:

Alcohol inks were the main focus of the day! Loved it!

Another find was this great shop in Perth - my eyes were out on stalks at the sight of all those stamps! Other-half tactfully exited to the coffee shop across the road!

I also did plenty of crochet too - but that to come later!



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