Sunday, 12 July 2009

Never turn you back on 8 cats.........

I left them alone for 5 minutes, and yes I should know better by now, but in my absence look what they did! (by they , I mean those wonderful cats of mine!)

Anyplace is a bed - how did they manage to open the drawers under the bed!?

In fact I fear a conspiracy as this is what they did to my kitchen cupboard, they decided it needed re-organizing!

Maybe I should change my blog name to Crafty Cats and Suzy!

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Penni said...

How funny (maybe not for your though!!).

I only have two cats, but I know that if I leave a drawer just a tiny tiny little bit open they will get their paw in and keep pulling and pulling until it's open and what fun they then have with the contents!!

I never knew that cats could be that strong willed - it must be something to do with "posh" cats, mine are Bengals!!

Now, make sure you shut those drawers properly in future lol!!!

Penni :)


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