Wednesday, 6 January 2010

In Shock! And Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Well, after my earlier rant and rave re the snow and lack of gritting down our steep, steep, road - I am now in shock - in fact I had to sit down!
Yes - you guessed it - we have just had the road cleared and gritted!!!!  Black tarmac appearing as I type! Bloody minded OH!!!! He is special!

On another shocking note I won a prize in the Stampman bloghop - yeah!  Thank you so much guys - made my evening!

On a completly different note - this is what was on my workdesk this Wednesday - he has been with me all day for cuddles - bless him - Siamese do NOT do cold!  He has had so many loves - I'm a mass of white hair!
To check out everyone elses desks look  here.



Chrissie said...

That pussy cat looks sophistication personified! What a great thing to have on your work desk!

Penni said...

Glad you got your road cleared.

I had a day off work today. The kids school was closed!!!
I only found out after I had walked them to school at 7.45am for breakfast club - I was not best pleased!!! We were promised yesterday that if the school was going to be closed it would be on the radio and on the school website - well it might have been for the kids starting at 9am, but not for the breakfast clubbers it wasn't - oh well, the kids have had a great time building snowmen!!!!!

I love your Siamese "Male Model" what a beauty he is, and he knows it too I guess !!!!

Keep warm

Rosie said...

Oh isn't he SCRUMPTIOUS! He can come and sit on my desk any time he likes!!

Pam said...

Looks like he has settled in a bit like the snow. My Westie has just sneaked under my desk she thinks I didn't spot her!

Hugs Pam x

Susie Sugar said...

What an elegant kitty you have Susie , he looks very posh !! he he
Happy new year darling
Hugs Susie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

He ain't alone, I don't do cold either! Not a bad piece of magnificence for your desk, really!

Pam said...

Hi Suzy thank for visiting me, my tape gun is one of the scotch ones I tried it out on night at a craft club and came straight home and purchased my own off ebay it was £20 including 4 rolls of tape, I would recomend it; no more backing paper to peel off! Pam x

Wipso said...

Lovely cat Sue. I've had the company of my sore footed old lady today [of the canine variety :-)]. She was in need of a bit of special attention and I had to keep an eye on her to stop her from chewing off her bandages. Bless her.
A x


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