Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Hey, I remembered!

Actually there’s not been a lot going on lately on the workdesk!

As far as crafting is going I have been playing away from home – we have a wee crafty club going on at work – it started with making Valentines cards for OH’s and the girlies found they enjoyed it so much we are trying to fit in a little every week – decoupage tomorrow! (all being well)!

I have also been enlisted to help with a friend of a friends wedding  - so have some favours and place name cards to do there – all designed over good food and drink and excellent company!


On my desk tonight is some decoupage I’ve  been putting together for the girlies and I always find time for some colouring in! To the left hand side I am putting together an acrylic album for a friends birthday – just waiting for the prints to arrive now – some great deals on t’internet  - just paid the 99p postage! The album kit was a bargain (well I thought so) from the clearance section on QVC - £5!


This photo is the trolley I have to the side of me where I generally have my cuttlebug out – and anything else I am using – my aim is to keep the main work area decluttered!

Marius just loves being in the bunker with me – as soon as he sees me near the door he darts through – its his place now as well!

To have a good old nosey at everyone elses desk go to Julias blog here!

Until the next time

Love SuzyX


Penni said...

Ooooh I do like a good nosy around. As far as a Craft Club at work is concerned - do you have any jobs going at your place LOL!!!

Glad to see Marius getting in on the act too!!!


Pam said...

Your decopage looks great. HugsPam x

Paula Gale said...

My cats are usually with me too - infact one of them usually lays on my right arm when i'm typing on the laptop (bless) - i blame her for all my typos, pitty I can't at work!!!

Great big desk and looks tidy enough to create.

Paula x x x

Nikki said...

Your Desk looks very organized and what a sweet blue mat too
hugs Nikki

Anonymous said...

Lovely clean desk, I like to try and keep organised too, works much better for me. We try and do a crafty thing at work too but it's winter in Michigan and most people just want to get home!



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