Sunday, 18 July 2010

Finishing - and starting projects! And a B****y good lunch on Friday!

OK, so me Dragons' finished and now has a new home!  Here he/she is - name unknown! Here is the pattern I attempted to follow.

Also the scarf has been tasselled - was easier than I thought to do!
Here it is in all its glory!

I also had a stab at one of Brie's rapid rabbits - mine is not as cute as hers :-( but he is a first and does look rather zany - maybe they take on their creators persona?!!!!

I had a great day on Friday -I  met a friend for lunch - haven't seen her in ages - so it was non stop information sharing - in fact we were the last out.
We dined at the 3Acres Inn in Shelley, near Huddersfield - absolutely gorgeous grub - go there if you can - but book first - very popular!
So, instead of getting on with projects that need finishing, I start another as a wee gift for her. watch this space!

I did plan on going to the Summer Crafting event at Doncaster Racecourse this weekend but I am skint and it would be torture going knowing I can't really spend on goodies :-((( - that's life.
If you go I would love to read about it and see piccies :-))

With love

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