Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday Fun Day!

"Today is going to be fun" - this is my mantra today!

I am bus training teenage son, who starts 6th form College next week to do his A'levels!

Now, I have not used a bus for years, so it will be the blind leading the blind - he is unaware of this - wish me luck - it will be a mini-adventure!

I have prepared, studied bus timetables, read up on the local travel website, packed the rucksack, got out the waterproofs and boots - OK, are we ready then?
Lets go!

(when I can get him out of bed! LOL)

Everyone have a good day - am I going to try too!



Dragonlady said...

Good luck Sue sounds like you will need it!!!

Ali x

Suzy B said...

Good luck Sue & as you say have fun!
Sue B x


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