Friday, 4 September 2009

Survived.... and shocked! much did it cost to go on the bus?!!!!!!!!! - I thought it was supposed to be good value to encourage peeps to stop using cars, be "green" etc etc! Shocked Suzy!

Anyhow we survived, there are no bus stops near home so had plenty of exercise today finding the right stop - you wouldn't think we lived close to two major cities!
Gosh, I'm having a moan!

At least young son now knows how to get to and from college and his dear mother has invested in a bus pass for him - with a warning of "do not lose!"

Watch this space!

Nighty night everyone

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Penni said...

Wow - how brave are you. You wouldn't catch me on a bus for a million pounds - okay maybe for that you would (just think of all the crafty stuff we could buy with that!) lol!!!

Glad you survived, my kids are still only in KS2, so plenty of time before I have to think about buses to college.



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