Wednesday, 14 October 2009


 I love looking at everyones piccies here on a Wednesday as people share their desk spaces, so today  I thought I would do a quick share - so heres mine.
Its not often that theres anything going on, on a Wednesday but today theres a little activity! You might spot my wall - this is where I stick "experiments" that I will probably use later - I did put them in a drawer but its true whay they say "out of sight out of mind" - the wall is filling up!
 On my desk is a project where I am making a co-ordinating gift box and card for my niece - shes 18 next month!
Just as I was about to take a piccie in flew this little critter

and made itself at home on my cutting mat - in fact its still there now!
Its gonna have to (he'll be no use!)



NormaJean said...

Hi I really like your work area, your room the colors are very pretty . funny that cat is always in my chair, if im sitting there get up to do anything when i come back there she is....LOL
hugs Norma

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey Suzy, how fun that you joined us! Your desk is uber interesting - love the way you store and display your ribbons...and what are those huge punches at left? Your work in progress wall is a great idea -totally understand the out of sight thing!! You work tidy.

Susie Sugar said...

I love that nic bright light Sue and that probably what bought that little critter into your lovely crafty space .....oh I don't like anything that flaps around like them hope you got shot of it
see you next wednesday bug free I hope !! lol Love Susie xx

Angie said...

You have such a neat and organized area.... you must be messy some times ... be brave ...dont tidy one of these weeks.
Moths dont stand a chance here with all our cats. People describe cats as mousers well 2 of ours are moth catchers ... Phoebe and Lucky sit motionless and then flick out a paw just like in Karate Kid.


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