Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Its that time of the week again!
I'm afraid theres not much going on tonight - I'm shattered - far, far to busy at work!

Anyhow, this I got in the post today and decided to have a little play with different inks to see which works best.
Remember the John Bull printing system you had as a child??? Suppose it depends on your age group........well this reminds me of that!  They are JUST RITE ...The Nestabilities Rubber Stamps and I got them from Once Upon a Stamp.
The pencil pot at the back with my Marvy's in is a nearly completed Graphicus retreat project made from ATC sized stampbord, and in the middle is a nearly finished tag and a another stampbord box just to side of it!
Off to have a nosy at everyones desks now - see them here.

Hugs to all


Susie Sugar said...

I do remember the John bull stamps I used to get ink from finger tip to elbow playing with them what a great childhood memory
Those stamps you have there look lovely I will have to go and have a look at them the boys at once upon a stamp always have great stuff don't they
Your desk looks fab Suzy , thanks for sharing
Hugs Susie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Love the 'nearly finished'-ness of some ofyour things..that's me! And no, it's not a sin to have a tidy's just that some of us are a bit jealous of tidy..even the concept! Your place looks great to me!

Dragonlady said...

Hi Sue.

Such a tidy desk - wish I had one. using my bed at the moment - not ideal!!

Hugs Ali x

Penni said...

Unfortunately, for me, I do remember John Bull Stamps - thanks for reminding me !!!!

This stamp set looks fab - do all the stamps fit inside Nestie Circles? Once Upon A Stamp is only about 30 mins drive from me - hum I think I may have to pay them another visit (they have a great dog there called Harry, he's good for keeping the kids occupied whilst I shop !!!!!)


Sam said...

oooh oooh you've got some JustRite stamps!! I got given a set for my recent birthday but I am not entirely sure I like it - perhaps I haven't given it a chance - I do find the little letter stamps very very fiddly!! I need to get one more like yours with a picture in the middle and a sentiment on the outside.

Pam said...

Now Sue your desk is even tidier than mine, You'll have to let me know how you get on with the nestie stamps as I saw them the other day and thought they looked good. Thanks for coming by my desk. Hugs Pam xx

Angie said...

Not a sin at all ...we untidy ones just like to make you feel it is lol. I'm sure I remember them ...sure I had one as a child but I know the children had something like them and ended up covered in ink.

Wipso said...

Happy memories...I well remember my John Bull printing set. Maybe that was the start of the crafting bug? So glad things have improved from then though cos it took ages to get all the ink off the fingers. :-) A x

Emma Lockley said...

Hi Sue, oh happy days...i remember too! Ive also been looking at those Just right Stamps, you'll have to let me know how you get on with them : ) Also just to let you know,Your SU catalogue was posted this morning honey. Grab a cuppa when the postman arrives in the morning cos you'll be needing a couple of hours to drawl over the yummy goodies lol

love emma xxx

Carmen said...

Loving the look of your desk. Was your pen holder very easy/hard to make? I loves it I do :)


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