Saturday, 28 November 2009


This morning came the sudden realization that is it the 1st December on Tuesday!

I had planned to make an Advent Calendar ................. weeks ago!!

So this is what is keeping me busy today!
Trouble is now that it is nearly finished I think its a wee bit too sophisticated for my teenage son - I made it with................ well, with me in mind!!!

The idea came from the Craft Stamper magazine (last months).  It is 24 matchboxes (bought here) glued together,  painted initially with Gesso
and then metallic acrylic paint and edged with silver.

I then lovingly messed up embossed Mirri board with acrylic paint for the sides :-).
Its kept me quiet all afternoon!

I think son may have to do with a shop bought one! Bless!
Somehow I dont think he will  be bothered!

Love to all


Wipso said...

That is just soooo pretty. And yes....far too pretty for a young man. You just need someone to fill the boxes for you now :-)
A x

Carmen said...

I can't believe this only took you an afternoon, it's gorgeous. Your tastes are definitely to my taste too ;) I tried one of these last year - after a week of getting stroppy with it I gave up :D We are still working through all the matches now! Lucky we use a lot of candles eh?

Emma Lockley said...

oh my word this is stunning, i like your idea of the acrylic over the embossed miri board, the effect is stunning. I would have it as a 'look but dont you dare touch' piece on my craft desk, its just too beautiful to use
love emma xxx

Sarita said...

Wow, this is amazing! Love the technique you've used with the miri board,
Fab work,
Love Sarita xx

Suzy B said...

I made one of these matchbox thingys... I found linning the "drawers" very tedious and mine was half the size of yours. Your patience must be boundless.

Thx for the help with the award... I think i did it... is that a song title?
Sue B xx


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